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Theatre Educator Awards for 09-10 Theatre Season
Michele Mascari

Michele Mascari

St. Xavier High School
"Michele Mascari," writes nominator Joe Markesbery, "is the heart and soul of Theatre Xavier."

The St. X program is known for the challenging work it takes on, for cast crew and audiences, and, Joe tells us, "She has an incredible gift of being able to see how every facet of a show should look and feel."

Michele is known just as much for "the welcoming and accepting community" she has built over almost three decades, even as she has built the theater program.

"To be a community, Ms. Mascari teaches us, we must collaborate with the other students and with the adults who guide us. Her leadership makes sure that this happens every day, every rehearsal, every performance. ... She draws us together and brings us to excellence."


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