Presented by Know Theatre of Cincinnati


By Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Directed by Drew Fracher

Cast: Joshua Murhpy as Jules, Alison Vodnoy as Jo 
& Elizabeth Vosmeier as Barbara

The comedy is set in an underground laboratory on a university campus where Jules has been studying the sleeping patterns of his fish in an effort to determine when the world will end, which he predicts will happen that very evening. Jo shows up one evening having answered a Craigslist personal ad for a casual encounter that promises "sex to change the course of the world." This attempt to find a partner with whom Jules can repopulate the world is complicated by the fact that he's probably gay and Jo hates babies. Soon, things take a turn as food is running out, and his marine biology lab turned apocalypse shelter is damaged beyond repair. And what's the deal with that woman Barbara in the corner…why does she seem to be controlling everyone?


Know Theatre of Cincinnati
1120 Jackson St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood
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