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The mission of the Cincinnati Black Theatre Company (CBTC) is to keep alive the spirit of Black Theatre by offering top-notch theatrical productions, performance and employment opportunities, childrenís theatre, educational programs and community outreach in all aspects of theatre arts. CBTC is committed to increasing literacy, promoting diversity and multiculturalism, pursuing collaborations, and providing access to the arts.

CBTC promotes and preserves the culture of African Americans through theatre and theatre arts education, and ensures greater artistic performances, participation and appreciation for the arts within the African American community, as well as within Greater Cincinnatiís general public. We are composed of instructors, performers, crew, staff, members, and volunteers who are degreed, highly trained, and experienced professionals in Black Theatre, performing arts, education, creative and technical theatre, literature, arts administration, and community service.


2237 Losantiville
Cincinnati, OH  45237



Don Sherman
Member of League of Cincinnati Theatres

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Musical: A Tribute To Motown
Closed: Sat, May 23

Miss Black Teen Cincinnati Pageant
Closed: Sat, April 18

Black Nativity
Closed: Sat, Dec. 13

Closed: Sun, Oct. 12

The Jungle Book Kids
Closed: Sun, June 1

The Color Purple
Closed: Sat, April 26

Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery
Closed: Sun, Oct. 6

The Little Mermaid Jr., The Musical
Closed: Sat, May 25

Ain't Misbehavin'
Closed: Sun, March 31

Having Our Say, the Delany Sisters' First 100 Years
Closed: Sun, Feb. 17

Equipping the Church and Community Through the Arts Workshop
Closed: Sat, Nov. 10

Project Black -Building the Community
Closed: Mon, July 23

Bethel Christian Academy's Walk-a-Thon
Closed: Sat, May 26

Aladdin Jr.
Closed: Sun, May 6

Black Nativity
Closed: Sat, Dec. 14

The Odd Couple
Closed: Sat, Nov. 5

Polly! Home Again: The Musical
Closed: Sun, May 8

Kitchen Committee
Closed: Sun, March 20

Halley's Comet
Closed: Sat, Feb. 19

Black Nativity
Closed: Sun, Dec. 19

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf...
Closed: Sun, Oct. 31

Saturday Performing and Creative Art Classes
Closed: Sat, Sept. 11

The Wiz
Closed: Sun, May 9

A Tribute To Motown
Closed: Sat, March 13

Black Nativity
Closed: Sun, Dec. 20

Paul Robeson - Here He Stands
Closed: Sat, Oct. 24

Sista Cinder Ella
Closed: Sun, May 17

Steal Away
Closed: Sat, Feb. 28

Black Nativity
Closed: Sun, Dec. 21

Closed: Sat, Nov. 1

Brothers of the Knight
Closed: Sun, May 4

Our Satin Dolls
Closed: Sun, March 30

Revenge of a King
Closed: Sun, Feb. 17

Black Nativity
Closed: Sun, Dec. 9

Closed: Sat, Oct. 6

Performing Arts Camp
Closed: Mon, June 11

Goldilocks on Trial
Closed: Sun, May 13

Goldilocks on Trial
Closed: Sun, May 13

A Tribute to August Wilson
Closed: Sun, April 15

Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery
Closed: Sun, March 25

Five Guys Named Moe
Closed: Sun, Feb. 25

Pride Sneak Preview
Closed: Thu, Feb. 15

The Meeting
Closed: Sat, Jan. 13

Honey If This Ring Could Talk
Closed: Sun, Nov. 19

Homecoming Reunion
Closed: Sat, Oct. 14

Closed: Sat, May 6

The Amen Corner
Closed: Sat, May 6

Once on This Island
Closed: Sat, May 6

Readers Theater
Closed: Thu, May 4

Readers Theater
Closed: Sat, April 29

Cincinnati Black Theatre Company Classes
Closed: Sat, May 6

Closed: Sat, April 29

Before It Hits Home
Closed: Sun, April 30

Fundraiser Gala
Closed: Thu, April 27

Closed: Sun, March 12

Closed: Sun, Feb. 5

Cincinnati Black Theatre Company News:
Posted Mon, April 7
CBTC Presents 'The Color Purple'